Wednesday July 28
12:30 - 5:00PM
via Zoom

The 4th annual joint event of the Philadelphia Chapters of the Insights Association and the QRCA


How Brands are Uniting to Ensure Data Quality

Join Tia Maurer, group scientist and 22-year veteran with Procter & Gamble, for a first-hand account of the challenges she’s encountered in ensuring that her insights were based on quality data. Whether her experiences resonate or are eye-opening, you’ll walk away with an understanding of what’s broken and how P&G is addressing the issues. Also learn how P&G, Disney, Walmart, Ford and other brands are uniting to drive quality through CASE, an industry coalition working to create objective and auditable measures that ensure a quality foundation for marketing decisions.


Key Takeaways for attendees will include:  what issues are impacting the industry’s ability to ensure valid and reliable research findings, what steps client-side researchers can take to ensure quality and how client-side researchers can unite with their peers to create change

Tia Maurer.png

Tia Maurer, group scientist for the Products Research Testing Group at P&G

Mary Beth Weber.png

Mary Beth Weber, founder and advocate for CASE

Qualitative at Scale – Without Drowning

Advancements in server capacities and analytical tools, driven by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, now allow us to do qualitative research at scale with 30 or even a 100 people per group. These exciting advancements blur the line between qualitative and quantitative research. What are the pros and cons of qualli-quant or quanti-qual? And how do you analyze qualitive data from 30-100 people without drowning.

Karen BK.png


Karen Buerkle Kaludov, Principal at Stratalys Research & Consulting

Create Action With Insights

It used to be the case brands were who they said they were. Today, brands are who their customers say they are. Loyalty is built by adding value and connecting to individuals not wholesales marketing strategies. It has never been more important for brands to put their customers at the center of their decision making. But it isn't easy.  

This session will cover how qual and quant methods partner to create a well-rounded story that motivates companies to change. Having conducted over 350 interviews with heads of insights from Microsoft, Adobe, Sky, P&G as well as many startups and C-Level execs at leading agencies, Jamin has a unique perspective to offer on the current gaps in the market along with how you can help address them.

1. Tips to connect your insights to stakeholders

2. Trends in digital research

Jamin Brazil.png


Jamin Brazil, CEO and co-founder of HubUX

The Biggest Database

The internet is no longer static. Social media gives people places to congregate online around topics that interest them.  What does that mean for market research? It means we have access to the biggest database in the world.  Interacting with social media through a combination of built-in AI and a human touch can be an incredibly effective way of finding research participants.  We'd like to share some best practices and guidelines for that - including what researchers need to do to get people interested in our process.

Kerry hecht.png


Kerry Hecht, CEO and Founder of Echo Market Research

Video Vigilantes

Presenting/introducing two new video tools that the speakers have used on real client projects so you can learn about the impact on analysis and reporting. REDUCT: This video-editing platform builds five needs into one resource: editable transcription, organized tagging, video clipping, subtitles, and fast file sharing. Study #1 During a 12-week online community, video was used to supplement, and sometimes replace, bi-weekly topline findings. Curated video content was then synthesized into a 90-minute final presentation.  Study #2 Due to the coronavirus, an in-person one-on-one CX study quickly pivoted to webcam interviews.  The final deliverable was a series of short highlight reels to provide stickier knowledge transfer so that employees across departments would embrace new company-wide policies governing all future member communications. GLIDE CENTRAL™: This qualitative content curation and management tool is Civicom’s latest addition to their suite of products. For a remotely conducted video-based, one-on-one study, Glide Central was used to host, share, review, clip and tag recordings and transcriptions, as well as provide one portal for team access to all project-related artifacts.

Kristin Schwitzer.png


Kristin Schwitzer, Founder and CEO of Beacon Research

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Join us for an engaging virtual conference consisting of five 30-minute presentations, a networking break and a happy hour. 


Confirmed presentations include:


Welcome and Opening Remarks
12:30 - 1:00PM

Panelists:  Consumers
1:00 - 1:50pm

4 consumers who have participated in both in-person qualitative research in past 2 years

Moderated by: Laurie Tema-Lyn, Founder, President of Practical Imagination Enterprises

Panelists: Clients
2:00 - 2:50pm

  • Joy Collins, Senior Market Research Professional, Humana

  • Aileen Cabelly, Senior Sensory Scientist, Colgate-Palmolive

  • Shital Patel, Director of Market Research, Emergent BioSolutions

  • Scarlet Wynns, PhD, Senior Director of Market Research, Comcast


Moderated by: Michael Karchner, Moderator and President, Karchner Marketing Research

Panelists:  Researchers
3:00 - 3:50pm

  • Jim Chastain, Founder, Partner Owner, Reality Check Consulting

  • Michael Mermelstein, Partner/Executive VP, Nichols Research

  • Lizzie Shepherd, Managing Director Qualitative Research, Chirp Research

  • Colleen Welsh-Allen, VP, Qualitative Research, Kantar

Moderated by: Deanna Manfredi,  Owner, Manfredi Consulting